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AAPI - Minnesota


Volunteers in Minnesota organize in a lot of different ways. Many have created neighborhood teams, others volunteer as part of "women talking to women" events, and in St. Paul, a large group of Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders (AAPI) have come together to help get out the vote for President Obama.

According to one volunteer, Stephanie:

It's very important that we educate our community about this election because it will affect them dramatically. A lot of folks in the community don't necessarily know a lot about this campaign, especially our elders. They need to hear more about it from people they can trust because issues like health care, voter rights, jobs, and college affordability really impact people in the AAPI community in Minnesota.

So far, the AAPI volunteer group in St. Paul has made thousands of calls and knocked on thousands of doors to help spread the word.

If we don't vote, we take away our own rights. If we don't vote, we can't be mad when things don't go the way we want in terms of national policies in the future. Our voice does matter in this election.

Are you ready to get involved? Join a volunteer group near you!

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