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"A Sense of Urgency"

Cinco de Mayo

Alice M. voted for President Obama in 2008, but that was it. She didn't knock on any doors, make phone calls, or volunteer at all.

"I was psyched when President Obama won in 2008, but I wasn't a participant in the process. I voted, that was it. Then the 2010 election happened and I realized we couldn't let that happen again, so I needed to get involved next time. The minute the paint dried on the window at the Organizing for America campaign office in Minneapolis, I signed up to get involved."

Once she got started as a volunteer, Alice wanted to get more and more involved.

Now Alice is a Neighborhood Team Leader for Team High Bridge in St. Paul. Alice organizes events to get more boots on the ground and helps find ways for volunteers to maximize their effectiveness. Alice says the grassroots volunteers on her team are the real heroes of the campaign. "They're a creative, obsessed bunch. As a group they are an idea machine. There's always something cooking with these folks and that's what gets me excited and energized."

After all the President has accomplished, there is still more work to be done. Alice is especially proud of the President's Supreme Court appointments - three women serve on the court for the first time in history. "The next President will make big decisions about the future of the country, including the make up of the Supreme Court. Decisions like Citizen's United showed me how important the court is. I take that seriously, and I know we need President Obama for four more years."

It's going to be a close election, but Alice is ready for hard work. "This is not going to be an easy march to victory. I certainly do not expect an easy win, nor should anyone else. I work with a sense of urgency because there's just so much at stake."

If you're ready to join Alice, sign up to volunteer today.

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