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A New Citizen for Obama


Before Awale came to the United States five years ago, he had never had the chance to go to school. “My family couldn’t afford to send me to school in Kenya, so I would follow the other kids to school every morning and hide outside the door so I could hear the lessons.”

Awale, who goes by Wally, is a sophomore at North Hennepin Community and Technical College. He wants to go on to earn a Bachelor of Communications Studies. He is most passionate about education and one day hopes to lead a university.

Wally recently become a citizen and quickly got involved to support President Obama.

President Obama knows the obstacles that students face because he’s been there himself. He has been able to keep student loan interest rates low, while doubling funding for Pell grants. That is why my entire family is proud to be re-electing President Barack Obama.

I see the President working hard in the White House to protect the interests of young people in this country. President Obama has been able to achieve 80% of what he set out to do. That gives me confidence that his administration is putting us on the right path to recovery.

Join Wally, and students across Minnesota, commit to supporting President Obama.

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