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A Day on the Trail with Katherine Archuleta

Katherine Archuleta

President Obama's National Political Director, Katherine Archuleta, spent a busy day in Minnesota.

Her first stop was at the Great Minnesota Get Together for a panel on Medicare during the fair's Seniors Day. She talked to the group gathered at the DFL booth about the work President Obama is doing to protect Medicare and how the Romney-Ryan budget would gut the program.

Obamacare did a great deal to strengthen benefits to seniors. Medicare is about security for the middle class and that's why changing it to a voucher system, like Mitt Romney would do, just wouldn't work.

Later in the day, she stopped by our Minneapolis office for Truth Team session. On the day after Paul Ryan's speech to the Republican Convention, volunteers packed the room to make sure that more voters understand the distortions and lies coming from the other side. "It amazes me that they continue to lie about what their plan would do to medicare when even non-partisan groups are saying that it's a complete lie."

Archuleta ended the day by stopping by a Somalis for Obama kick-off event to say thanks to the community for their support, "Thank you for what you are doing for President Obama's campaign!"

That was just one busy day on the campaign trail, keep track of all of our events around the state.

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