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A Dancing Grandma for Obama


Nancy E. still has a lot of life in her. Nine years ago, at age 60, she took up dancing for the first time. Weekly four hour dance marathons quickly got her in the best shape of her life.

Three years ago, dancing probably saved her life. “I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, a very aggressive type of the disease. If I hadn’t been so healthy because of the dancing, I might not have survived.”

Because she was 66 when the cancer was diagnosed, Nancy was eligible for Medicare coverage. She paid only a few hundred dollars out of pocket for her treatment. “Without Medicare, the cost of the treatment would have forced me out of my home and in with my kids. It would be impossible to go through something like this and not worry about bankruptcy.”

People need to know that this election represents a choice between President Obama, who stands up for programs like Medicare that gave me a safety net when I needed it most, and Mitt Romney who wants to end Medicare as we know it.

Nancy has been cancer-free for two years, and is well on her way to a full recovery. She’s not done fighting yet, though. Nancy is excited to get involved with the campaign this summer. She’ll be calling prospective volunteers and hosting house parties, and hopefully doing a little dancing for President Obama.

There is enormous relief in having medical coverage when you're sick. It means you can focus on getting better, not worry about paying medical bills. Before I was covered by Medicare, I went years without seeing a doctor. Nobody should have to do that. We need to keep and strengthen Medicare and we absolutely must keep Obamacare, that's what I'm fighting for this election.

Join Nancy and the President on their fight for medical coverage for every American. Sign up to volunteer today.

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