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A Call with the First Lady


Thank you Mrs. Obama for speaking with us today. I am a junior at Wayzata High School, in Plymouth just northwest of Minneapolis. I've starting to look at colleges and have a lot of support from my family for which I am grateful. But I'm still worried about how we're going to afford it. Can you talk about what the President is doing to make college more affordable for students like me?

On a call to Minnesota, Michelle Obama talked with supporters about the stakes in this election, the importance of organizing for the campaign in Minnesota, and she answered a question from Shannon, a high school junior from Wayzata.

For Shannon, talking to the first lady made her nervous at first but, "she made me feel comfortable because she is so warm and engaging."

Financing her college education is an issue that Shannon and her parents talk about frequently. "The first lady's response gave me hope for what's to come with this issue. She talked about all the things that President Obama is doing on this issue, like signing student loan reform into law and increasing the number of students able to afford college with the American Opportunity Tax Credit and Pell Grants.

Learn more about what President Obama is doing to help young Americans afford college.

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