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A Busy Summer

In a small town in south-central Minnesota, Peter is gearing up for a busy summer. He’s already signed up as a neighborhood team leader in Lake Crystal, and this summer he’s starting as an organizing fellow.

Peter B

Dual roles will mean a lot of work, but the long hours don’t scare Peter. He enjoys organizing, and loves making voter persuasion calls. “I would characterize a volunteer shift as really fun, and also very rewarding.”

Peter’s goal for this summer is to make sure as many people in his community vote for the President as they did in 2008.

“As an Organizing Fellow, it is my personal goal to make at least 3,000 calls this year. This will probably highlight the '+' in 40+ hours a week.”

Peter has one issue that hits close to him: He’s grateful for the President’s support for expanding Pell Grants, “We're not a very wealthy family, but I want to go to college. Pell Grants will help tremendously.”

This election means a lot to Peter. The President has taken a strong stance on issues that affect young voters, and it’s important that Peter do all he can to support these initiatives.

“My love for America and President Obama made me get involved. He's done so much to help the country, and much to help me too."

Help Peter, help the campaign, sign up to volunteer.

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