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10-Year-Olds For Obama


Afiya is no ordinary 10-year-old girl.

While the average 10-year-old might spend a lot of time listening to the Jonas Brothers or playing on a school sports team, Afiya is spending the fall helping to re-elect President Obama.

When I tell people on the phone how old I am, sometimes they're surprised.

Afiya has been coming into the St. Paul office with her grandmother for the last few weeks as a part of the campaign's women talking to women phone banks.

"I have a lot of family in politics," Afiya explains. Her grandmother is a county commissioner, and her uncle is on St. Paul's city council. "I guess it's just in my genes that I like this."

Ask any fifth grade teacher, and they'll probably tell you that it can be tough to get 10-year-olds to sit still, but when Afiya is making phone calls it's not a problem at all. According to Pat, a volunteer organizer who helps run the women to women phone banks, "She kept making calls way past when all the adults stopped; it was very impressive."

For Afiya, it's fun, "I just like doing service for other people, I like to do things that include other people. More people my age should get involved; it gives you a head start - it's a good experience."

Volunteer alongside Afiya: Sign up today!

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