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10 Reasons - An End to the War in Iraq


When he took office, President Obama promised the American people he would wind down the War in Iraq and bring our troops home responsibly. It’s a promise he’s kept.

Joel served our country in Iraq, now he’s back home and supporting President Obama. As a disabled veteran, Joel is supporting a commander in chief who has proven that he’s committed to keeping our troops safe on the battlefield and healthy at home.

Obama is for the vets. He helped us wind down in Iraq, he's improved mental health policy with VA benefits. I come from a family where both myself and my dad are disabled vets. My dad in Vietnam and me in Iraq, and we want to support someone who's going to be there for us. And that's why the President is my guy.

Throughout 2012, members of the Minnesota National Guard Red Bulls division have been returning home from deployment. It’s been a long wait, but Minnesota families are finally together again.

It’s just one reason why veterans like Joel are supporting President Obama this year. If you're ready to support President Obama, make a plan to vote on November 6.

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