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Minnesota leaders say: We Can't Wait

Yesterday, workers and leaders from around Minnesota gathered in St. Paul at the Lafayette Bridge to talk about the importance of passing the infrastructure provisions from President Obama's American Jobs Act. Minnesota's own Senator Amy Klobuchar introduced the bill in the Senate, called the "Rebuild America Jobs Act," which would put Minnesotans back to work right now working on roads and bridges around the state, just like the Lafayette Bridge.

St. Paul Mayor Coleman was joined by MnDOT Commissioner Tom Sorel, President of the AFL-CIO Shar Knutson and Harry Melander, President of the Minnesota State Building and Trades Council. Here's what these leaders had to say about the project:

"President Obama has put forward common-sense legislation to rebuild our economy and our infrastructure. American families need the jobs and commerce that this Act would provide. The time for partisan bickering is over. We need to move forward to benefit our country," said St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman.

"We need to get this bill passed because Minnesotans want to get back to work," said Minnesota AFL-CIO President Shar Knutson.

"The Rebuild America Jobs Act is a critical part of our economy's future," said Harry Melander, President of the Minnesota State Building and Trades Council. "Both parties need to come together to pass this legislation now."

The complete replacement work in St. Paul began shortly after the I-35W bridge collapsed and the Lafayette Bridge was classified as "fracture critical." Repairing it will not only create jobs now for workers in Minnesota, but it will also make sure the bridge is safe, sound, and smooth for all the workers and businesses who depend up on it to get to work and move their products every day.

This is just one story of how the President's Jobs Act would help Minnesota. Share your story as well, and tell us why you support the President's efforts to put Minnesotans back to work rebuilding Minnesota!

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