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What this minimum wage petition is all about

Americans are coming together to tell their elected officials to raise the minimum wage.

It's not really hard to see why: A full-time worker making the federal minimum wage earns only $14,500 a year. In real terms, it's is worth less today than it was at the beginning of 1950.

So far, nearly half a million OFA supporters have signed the petition to change that.

Increasing the minimum wage would result in a $22 billion increase in economic activity, and lift nearly a million Americans out of poverty. And despite what some folks on the other side are saying, this isn't about giving teenagers more spending money—the average age of workers who would benefit from increasing the wage is 35.

It's easy to look at the minority in Congress that's standing in the way of raising the wage and think your voice isn't getting heard. But around the country, several states and cities are listening to their constituents and actually taking action to raise the wage.

That's what this petition is all about—making sure our voices are heard by the lawmakers who have the ability to act. Add your name now.

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