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Middle class taxes: “Every dollar is important”

Supporters across the country are joining President Obama in urging Congress to keep taxes low for middle-class families. Here's what $2,000 a year would mean to just a few of the folks who have shared their stories.

"I delivered my first child in September and I am a full-time college student. Diapers, formula, books, tuition, and contributing toward my family's future potential is what $2,000 will help accomplish!"
—Farrah, Alabama

"I'm working on getting a Masters degree so I can compete in this job market. Increasing my tax burden would make it a lot tougher to purchase my own health insurance when I turn 26 (this June), work on repaying my various debts, and save money for my distant wedding. I don't mind paying my fair share to get our country back on its feet, it's just difficult to do when we're still not on our own feet."
—K, Maryland

"As someone with several medical conditions requiring prescription drugs, I spend nearly $150 a month on copays alone. Each month, I struggle to meet these expenses; raising my taxes would make this even more difficult."
—S, Minnesota

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