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Michigan Welcomes Obama 2012 Campaign Manager Jim Messina

Dozens of grassroots leaders from across Michigan came to the Metropolitan Center for High Technology in Detroit for a special treat. All of them had been working over the past month for ask people in their community if they’re IN for Obama 2012. They got the pleasure of meeting Campaign Manager Jim Messina.


Jim arrived to chants of “I’m In!” from the crowd. Quite the comedian, Jim regaled the crowd with stories from Chicago and from his time with the President. He echoed the President’s sentiments and said that this movement starts from the ground up, and starts with us>


Jim told the crowd about the progress that has been achieved by President Obama, from rescuing the American economy with the Recovery Act, to the Affordable Care Act, to the President’s investment in the restructuring of GM and Chrysler.

“This President has accomplished more in his first two years that any President in generations!”

One of the highlights of the event was intern Alex C asking Jim if he could schedule him for a one-on-one. After his remarks, attendees got to greet Jim personally and reaffirm their commitment to Obama 2012. The event ended with a tour of the office that is the epicenter for grassroots activity in Detroit.


As the volunteers lined up to shake Jim’s hand and have a photo snapped, the RFDs circulated and made sure each person knew what was needed from them to ensure victory for Democrats in November 2012.

Said Steven B., a summer organizer this year for Oakland County, “I know I don’t officially start until June, but I will be in the office this Monday to get started.” That’s the spirit, Steve. We have no time to waste.

This is just the beginning. This movement will take time to build, and will undoubtedly include many great moments like this. You can be part of the excitement too. Click here to let us know you’re IN for Obama 2012 and make sure to check us out on Facebook for pictures from this event!

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