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Michigan voters: People of the auto industry

Want to know the truth about the auto rescue? Just ask the people whose lives it directly impacted.

Dan of Rochester has a son and daughter who work for GM, building Chevy vehicles.

“They’re taking care of families and they almost didn’t have jobs. It’s hard to imagine what it would be like if President Obama hadn’t stepped in.”

Cheryl, who lives in Emmett, works for an auto supplier in Sterling Heights.

“Mitt Romney just doesn’t understand what things would be like here if we’d just let Detroit go bankrupt. I’m still working because of President Obama.”

Ronke of Southfield is a millwright and member of UAW Local 869, not to mention a big supporter of Barack Obama.

“We need to make sure President Obama stays in office for four more years. I’ve definitely seen an improvement since the auto rescue. The President put his job on the line to save ours, and we’re eternally grateful.”

But it’s Gary of Ray Township who says it best.

“If you have a job, thank Obama.”

Want to show your gratitude? Make a plan to vote for President Obama.

Make a plan to vote

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