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Michigan voters: Christina, Natalie and Tessa

Christina, Natalie and Tessa are working hard to get out the vote at the University of Michigan in these next three days - and shared why they're voting #TeamObamaBiden.

For Christina, it was meeting and introducing President Obama at an appearance on campus that really sealed the deal.

“After meeting President Obama, I realized how committed he was to making college more affordable. One person really can make a difference—what is important is that all of our singular voices grouped together work as change in this election.”

Tessa is committed to a president who is moving stem cell research forward.

"When I was 8 years old, I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. A year later, I remember hearing all about how stem cell research was the most important development in medicine since the invention of anti-biotics. President Obama gets this - just as he gets making health care more accessible to all. That's more than enough reason to vote."

When Natalie thinks about why she's voting and working for President Obama, it's bigger than a specific policy issue.

"I want to look back on this election not as something that came and went, but as a time when I as an individual made a difference for the future of our society. I want to be able to tell my kids that I helped change the world that they live in for the better. President Obama has - and will continue - to do just that.”

Follow the lead of these Wolverines - make sure you have a plan to vote for President Obama this Tuesday.

Make a plan to vote

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