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Michigan Fall Fellow Kick-Off

Detroit – They came from all across Michigan, with different backgrounds, different ages and different stories – and on a rainy Saturday in Detroit, the Obama for America Fall Fellows spent the day together learning how to organize, build teams, and empower one another as we grow our campaign here in Michigan for 2012.

They learned everything from how to host a phone bank, do their data entry, and how to use digital strategies to strengthen their organizing skills.

In fact, even this blog post is being drawn from the ideas and suggestions generated by the group of new organizers during our three digital breakout sessions.

First, we decided that the blog title should reference a "Kick-off." Despite the rain, it was still a Saturday in Michigan – and that means college football. During the group introductions that morning, at least a third of the fellows had a connection to either the University of Michigan or Michigan State – leading to repeated choruses of "Go Blue" or "Go Green."

We considered starting this blog by highlighting Spartans and Wolverines putting aside their differences to work together to reelect President Obama – but our group is larger than that, and we decided to cast a wider net.

In the second group, we talked more about telling stories – including our own stories – about why we got involved in the campaign. Each of the Fall Fellows is going to be posting their own stories here over the coming weeks. Some care deeply about the change that President Obama brought to health care, one is going back to college at age 62 to get her degree, one is grateful for the investments in stem cell research, and – because this is Michigan – many have friends and family who have jobs today thanks to the rescue of the auto industry.

Also, by the time we got to the second breakout group, the weather had changed – another frequent occurrence here in Michigan – and a rainy morning had turned into a sunny afternoon. Our training is taking place in the lobby of the historic former Kresge headquarters building in downtown Detroit, and through the large front windows, we've got a great view of the beautiful day outside.

And in the third group, we started exploring the other kinds of stories that you'll see on this blog over the coming months – stories about our volunteer team’s events, people in our communities, and the positive changes that President Obama has delivered for Michigan families.

To keep tabs on our fellows, make sure you Like the Obama for America – Michigan Facebook page, follow our @OFA_MI Twitter feed, and be sure to search for the #FallFellows11 Twitter hashtag. And of course, check back here for our stories!

If you want to get involved, click here to find an event in your area.

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