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Miami is building for 2012

South Miami is in for President Obama.

The election might seem distant to some people, but here in Miami-Dade we're seeing more enthusiasm than ever before. And that’s a good thing because lots of people think Miami-Dade will be key to winning Florida in 2012, and maybe the entire election.

As a Regional Field Director it’s exciting to be in a place where everyday I meet new people eager to organize their own neighborhoods -- positions like team leader, phone bank captain, and data captain are getting filled by some of the best volunteers I’ve ever met.

I know the tireless work done by our Summer Organizers is a big reason why our community is so active already. Throughout the summer they organized successful house parties and events across South Florida that reengaged existing supporters and brought hundreds of new people into the campaign.

I'm looking forward to the incoming Fall Fellows picking up where Summer Organizers left off. Our Fellows will be active in the community as we prepare for 2012 by empowering even more people to become leaders in their neighborhoods.

If you're in South Florida and want to get in the campaign at this exciting early stage then don't wait -- submit your Fall Fellows application today.

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