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Metro Detroit raises the profile of Obama 2012 at the Michigan Day Parade in Highland Park

Detroit — As the weather warms up and our grassroots work for Obama 2012 heats up, we will be involved in community events over the next couple months as another way to engage people in our community. At BBQs, parades, festivals, and fairs, grassroots leaders will be spreading the word about President Obama’s accomplishments, and getting folks to sign up to be IN for Obama 2012.

Marching in Highland Park.

On Saturday, May 21, Metro Detroit grassroots leaders worked with Community Organizer Frankie D. to bring Obama 2012 to her community by participating in Highland Park Michigan’s Annual Michigan Day Parade.

Getting ready to put our float in the parade.

Grassroots leaders donned some of the new Obama 2012 merchandise available on the website, proudly displayed their support for President Obama, and passed out a list of major accomplishment by the Obama administration in the first two years. As the grassroots leaders marched, they stopped to talk to community members and ask them to be IN for Obama 2012 by signing a pledge card. The effort even yielded some new volunteers that saw the fun we were having and asked how they could join in.

Grassroots leaders taking a much deserved rest.

You can join in on the fun too and be IN for Obama 2012. We will be active at Juneteenth events, art festivals, and in our community all summer long. Interested? Click here to find an event near you or contact Lacy Dawson at [email protected] to get involved with Frankie D. and our amazing leaders in Metro Detroit!

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