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This is some sick crap

This should humiliate anyone who's ever been associated with the Koch brothers: One of their anti-Obamacare groups is going to college towns, and holding parties with free booze to try and get young folks to opt out of getting health insurance.

Let them spend their millions on sick crap like that. Whether they like it or not, they're losing this debate, all because of the work you're doing. We're the group that's capable of putting these groups in their place.

Here's why I'm writing—we're facing a huge fundraising deadline on Monday, and I need to know if you'll chip in to help.

If I had one thing to say to the Koch brothers, it'd be: "SCOREBOARD!"

Despite the millions of dollars they've spent, more than 6 million Americans have already signed up for private plans through the health insurance marketplace.

We're beating them through one-on-one conversations, helping people get the facts about getting covered, and dismantling the lies these groups are spreading about health care reform.

No matter what change we're fighting for, it seems like the Koch brothers have always been on the other side. Our track record is pretty damn good. We've shown we can beat them, because we're building something bigger, stronger, and smarter than just a pile of money.

We'll never be able to go toe-to-toe with their checkbook, and we don't need to, because we have a much more powerful tool in the hundreds of thousands of Americans standing up to make their voices heard.

That's what makes us different, and it's what makes these fundraising deadlines so important. Your donation matters—chip in $5 or more today.

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