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Meeting the Neighbors

Kim and Laurie

I moved from Texas to the Bay Area two months ago. So, the idea of building a neighborhood team for President Obama’s re-election campaign seemed daunting at first, since I still use my GPS to find my way around. Fortunately, one of the first people I met was my Neighborhood Team Leader, Laurie. After attending her phonebanks and grassroots planning sessions, it seemed like Laurie has been doing this job for years, but actually, she just became our district’s volunteer leader a month ago. Her enthusiasm and dedication to the campaign must be contagious because we already have over 200 volunteers and potential team members on our list!

Having one-on-one meetings with supporters is my favorite task as a volunteer. For me, those 200 people on the list aren’t just names or email addresses, they are my neighbors. Volunteer leaders, and Fall Fellows like me, meet each and every volunteer in person. During those meetings, we exchange personal stories as well as our reasons for supporting the President.

Through my one-on-ones, I’ve met an army veteran who wants to use his linguistic skills to reach out to non-English speakers in his neighborhood, a mom who works on her local school board and wants to organize voter registration drives for students, and a very busy businesswoman who has offered to host events in her own home.

I’ve found that I have so much more in common with my neighbors than I would have ever imagined. We share the same values and have similar hopes. While we all lead vastly different lives and come from dissimilar backgrounds, we’ve all dedicated our free time to work for the same purpose: to re-elect the President and help him move our country forward.

Even though organizing hundreds of volunteers seems overwhelming, I’ve realized that we are really just meeting new people, face-to-face, and asking them to join us in working toward a better neighborhood, a better country, and a better future.

Meet your neighbors and help build a team today.

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