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Meet the McLaughlins

Before speaking to a crowd in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, President Obama visited the home of Jason and Ali McLaughlin yesterday. The McLaughlins have a son, Cooper, and a second child on the way. Jason is a high school principal and Ali is a sales manager. Thanks to tax cuts the President has already signed into law, they'll have received $4,900 in tax relief over the course of President Obama’s first term.

Ali: We had the President of the United States at our house today, so that was pretty wild. We talked to him about ourselves, and shared our stories … it’s been quite the day.

Jason and Ali also talked to the President about the impact extending the middle class tax cuts would have for their family:

Jason: We’ll use [the tax relief] for many different things. One of them is for our basement, to create space for our baby that’s coming. Also, part of that money is going to Cooper’s college education fund, which [we] started a couple years ago.

Ali: To some people, $1,000 or $2,000 might not seem like that much. But to us, that’s a big deal. A thousand dollars is a big deal. Five hundred dollars is a big deal. If I lost that on the street, I would never forgive myself!

Jason: We’ll take every penny we can to pay for that and our son’s future.

Jason says he wants just one thing for his family:

Jason: I don’t need to drive a big fancy car, I don’t need to go on big fancy vacations. I want my family to be comfortable. I want my son to grow up in a world where the schools are equal and great. And when our kids get old enough, they can go to college and they won’t come out of college with the amount of loans I had. I want my son to have the opportunity to go get an education, a great education, and then go on and pursue his dreams and goals and what he wants to do with his career. We’re a country with the largest middle class in the world and that’s by design. And President Barack Obama is trying to strengthen that middle class.

Support families like the McLaughlins by telling Congress to extend tax cuts for the middle class.

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