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Meet The Host - Ana


From Cheyenne to Shell, hosts are preparing for the State of the Union house parties! Are you located in or near Sublette County? Here is some information you may find useful for meeting up with like-minded folks in your area!

Today host for a State of the Union house party Ana C. tells us about what is going on:

State of the Union Watch and Workout Party - we will be enjoying some food and beverages to cheer on our President, and for those who would like to join in the fun and stay healthy we will have work out exercises every time our President says something we can all cheer for! (Going to be working up a sweat!)

Over the past few years I’ve found out there are plenty of opportunities to be a good Democrat in Wyoming and am looking forward to spending this coming year proving to my neighbors in Wyoming that President Obama is the leader we need on the path to economic recovery and success.

-Sublette County Democratic Chair Ana

To RSVP head to The Event Page

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