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Meet the Fellows: Daniel N.

Daniel N. Summer OFA-CA Fellow

Daniel is a 19 year old college student, English tutor, and Summer Organizing Fellow from Castaic, CA. He is a member of Team Victory, in Santa Clarita.

Why are you a fellow?

“There are actually quite a few reasons I decided to apply to be a fellow. The most obvious is that I am a student, and the President is the only candidate who is truly fighting for the betterment of the American education system and the individuals it serves. My family has also benefitted from the Affordable Care Act, and I know that President Obama genuinely cares about middle class families like my own.”

What inspires or motivates you to volunteer your time?

“One of my most deeply held beliefs is that every American should do something in their lives that makes our nation a better place tomorrow than it was yesterday. That's what this campaign represents to me, and that's exactly why I knew I had to be part of it.”

How does your position as OFA-CA Organizing Fellow fit into your future plans?

I'm currently attending school as a student of international affairs and political science, and I know that my time with the campaign will give me valuable experience and knowledge that I can use in my future career. More importantly, I know that the president is fighting for me, so I have to do all I can to return the favor.

What impact has President Obama’s current term had on your life?

“2012 is such an important election year for me personally. I need student loan interest to stay at a reasonable rate so I can afford to pay for the education that every American deserves. I have a girlfriend, a sister, and a mother, all of whom I want to be able to enjoy fair pay for their work. And I know that as I grow older, I'll continue to benefit from legislation like the Affordable Care Act.”

How do you use your position to inspire change and encourage voters?

“I love sharing my enthusiasm for this campaign with my friends, family and neighbors. My position as a fellow allows me to contact people all over my community and talk to them about ways that the president has helped me and my family and why it is so important to be a part of this movement. Personal stories are what connect the abstract laws and arguments to the individual voters, and they're the best way to illustrate President Obama's work."

"I'm so excited for November and I know everything between now and then is going to be an uphill battle--but a fun one!”

Want to volunteer alongside the fellows in your neighborhood? You can find your own team on Dashboard.

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