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Meet the Fellow: Ed C.

Ed C.

Ed C. is a California summer organizing fellow from Palm Springs who is working hard to help re-elect President Obama. However, this is not his first time serving his country. Ed was a member of the Navy for almost five years and served a temporary assignment on President Johnson’s Inaugural Committee until he was discharged because of his sexual orientation.

Ed shared his story at the Southern California Organizing Fellows Training:

“I believe in Barack Obama because he will fight for me and, given another term, will continue to fight for the issues that matter.”

Ed expressed his pride in President Obama’s record of fighting for equal rights, especially his repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” But Ed knows there’s still a long way to go:

“I’m in a committed relationship; my partner and I registered 33 years ago as domestic partners in California,” Ed says. “I can't get married and I do not have over 1,000 federal benefits that a heterosexual couple has.”

While we have a long path ahead, Ed knows that President Obama believes America is strongest when everybody has a seat at the table. As an organizing fellow, Ed is working to re-elect the President because America cannot afford to lose momentum or fall behind— especially in its efforts to ensure equality for the LGBT community.

He also recognizes that this election is critical to American economic progress.

“Two years ago, due to the recession, I had to close my consulting company because of a lack of clients and an inability to spend money on existing clients.”

Ed trusts that the President will continue fighting for small businesses and add jobs that are vital to our economic recovery.

“He is inclusive, he believes in fairness, equality and the strength of the middle class in America. In truth, he believes in me at a time in my life when I really need that belief!”

To become a fellow like Ed, apply here.

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