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Meet Summer Organizer Ernest B.

During his last semester at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2009, Ernest B. got involved with the effort to re-elect U.S. Senator Harry Reid, making phone calls and helping set up events for the Nevada State Democratic Party. As the campaign season progressed, Ernest became even more involved in local politics as a canvasser for Democratic Nevada Assembly candidates. At the end of this process in 2010, U.S. Senator Reid was re-elected and the Democratic Party was successful in holding control of the state assembly.

After the 2010 campaigns, Ernest got involved with something very important to him—education. He helped Nevada’s youth by serving as a reading tutor and substitute teacher. Despite being born in California, Ernest received his K-12 and college education in Nevada. He attended the Community College High School, a program in which high school students are given the opportunity to take college classes through the College of Southern Nevada. As a CCHS student, his smaller class sizes created much greater educational possibilities, and reinforced the importance of equal access to education. Ernest is driven to see President Obama win in 2012.

Ernest Bailey, Summer Organizer 2011

Ernest wanted to be a summer organizer because he shares the values held by President Obama and the Democratic Party–advocating for the common person, helping people and improving all of our communities. He finds the opportunity to involve people in the political process who might otherwise remain on the sidelines to be very fulfilling. He’s a believer in strength in numbers, understands that each and every person brought into the campaign ultimately helps to make our democracy stronger.

“President Obama’s pledge not to accept contributions from lobbyists and political action committees was an important step in changing politics in this country and this organization represents the president in the effort to shift toward a political system which is less controlled by powerful interests and more controlled by people.”
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