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Meet our watch party hosts: Philip Harvey

New Hampshire at the Democratic National Convention, Charlotte, NC

President Obama will be accepting the nomination at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night. We’re so excited and we’ll be hosting watch parties across the state to see the President speak live from Charlotte, NC.

Philip Harvery of Hillsborough an AirForce Veteran, and huge supporter for the President is one of the many hosts across the state having a watch party at his home. He supports President Obama because:

“He’s shown that he is devoted to the central, people-oriented, Democratic goals, including constitutional equality for all our people. I’m hosting a DNC watch party because of my strong support of President Obama, and my feeling that all people should have an opportunity to view the convention and to see the President speak at this critical moment of history.

This speech will be one to remember:

“I encourage people to attend because it is important for everyone to hear directly from the President as he states sincerely what his plans and goals are for our country during the next four years and beyond. I look forward to hearing him say he will continue to fight for the fundamental principle that all people are created equal and are entitled to the fundamental freedoms that have been allotted to mankind.”

This election is about two fundamentally different visions for the future of this country. We saw what Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan had to say last week, now its time to see how the President Obama continues to move us forward. Join us for a Democratic National Convention watch party near you.

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