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Meet our watch party hosts: Katelyn


Supporters of the President up and down the country will be hosting convention watch parties on Thursday, bringing fellow supporters together for the President’s acceptance speech. Katelyn, a student from New England College will be hosting a watch party from campus.

"I can’t be there as a delegate, but I’m doing the next best thing. I’m having a watch party for friends and fellow supporters right here on campus."

Schools are back in session, bringing a new wave of students who are all fired up n to show their support for the President. A watch party is a great way to introduce everyone to the campaign and to eachother.

“I've been volunteering for Organizing for America – New Hampshire for the last 12 months and I’m always looking for exciting ways to get new volunteers involved. A watch party is a great chance for new supporters to see just how much enthusiasm and energy surrounds this campaign. And hearing from the President about what’s at stake will definitely renew our sense of purpose and build the momentum to get us through the last few months of the election.”

There are watch parties all over the state, so find your nearest one now and let's watch the President’s speech together.

Find a watch party

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