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Meet Our Summer Organizers! Tory E.

Earlier this year, we asked students, recent graduates, and anyone else who believes in the power of community organizing to help lead our grassroots efforts in Indiana as a Summer Organizer. Thirty Hoosiers stepped up and answered that call. This summer, these organizers will make phone calls, knock on doors, plan events, register voters, and work to organize their communities for the upcoming 2012 election.

Tory E. is one such organizer.


As a Summer Organizer, Tory will work in the Indianapolis area where he has acted as a campus organizer at IUPUI since 2009. He is excited to be back home again in Indiana for 2012—he spent the 2008 election organizing the campus of Lander University in Greenwood, South Carolina, the city where the phrase "Fired Up! Ready to go!" was born. Three years and several hundred miles away from its birthplace, Tory still exhibits the enthusiasm of the phrase every day. And that's just one reason we are excited to have him on board as a Summer Organizer.

Friends, family, and country are close to Tory's heart. Luckily, Tory's volunteerism has connected him to many new friends. He relishes the sense of community that develops between organizers, volunteers, and the community and cannot wait to work with his fellow Summer Organizers to be a part of something bigger than them.

"Politics is the only way to voice your opinion about what the country looks like and the direction it should go," he says.

Tory understands that citizens need a voice in politics and as a Summer Organizer, he is using his voice to help his fellow citizens use theirs.

Want to be part of the campaign in your community? Sign up here or email us at [email protected]

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