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Meet Our Summer Organizers! Molly M.

Earlier this year, we asked students, recent graduates, and anyone else who believes in the power of community organizing to help lead our grassroots efforts in Indiana as a Summer Organizer. Thirty Hoosiers stepped up and answered that call. This summer, these organizers will make phone calls, knock on doors, plan events, register voters, and work to organize their communities for the upcoming 2012 election.

Molly M. is one such organizer.


She writes letters to her elected leaders. She attends rallies. She calls her Congressman. She even calls her Senators, though they do not always vote her way.

“I just have to register my opinion with them,” she says.

As a Summer Organizer in South Bend, Molly will have the opportunity to register her opinion, and the opinions of other Hoosiers, with the Washington establishment by building a team of Obama supporters to help the President for 2012. She was thrilled that Indiana became a blue state in 2008 and is motivated to help do it again in 2012. And this time, she’s not sitting on the sidelines.

Molly does not want to see the President’s accomplishments such as student loan reform rolled back. In order for her to help to continue to move the county forward, she knows she needs a bigger venue than a voting booth—her political voice is too strong now. The team she builds in South Bend as a Summer Organizer has the power Molly needs to create the change she desires.

Want to be part of the campaign in your community like Molly? Sign up here or email us at [email protected].

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