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Meet our delegates: Commissioner Dorothy Solomon


The Democratic Convention is one of the biggest events in the political calendar and some of us dream about going all our lives. Dorothy's wanted to attend for 12 years now, and as New Hampshire delegate, 2012 is going to be her year.

“Attending the convention as a delegate is something that I’ve been dreaming about for a long time. When the moment comes to nominate the President to stand as our candidate, I’m going to know that it was me that stood in the room and gave him my vote. I’m so excited to know I played my part in history.”

With the convention just around the corner and with Election Day looming, Dorothy knows how important it is for voters to make the right choice in November.

“To me, the President knows how we can move forward as a nation. He understands the needs of the many, not just the wealthy few. As a senior citizen relying on Medicare I have felt the benefits of the President’s commitments on healthcare. I don’t want Romney to have the opportunity to jeopardize what we have worked so hard to build. This is why I’m putting my support behind the President, and why I’m proud to give him my vote on Thursday.”

Not everyone has the chance to be a delegate, but there are still ways you can get involved in the convention. We have watch parties all across New Hampshire, so find the closest one right now.

Sign up to your nearest watch party today

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