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Meet Our Delegates: "An opportunity to renew our sense of purpose"


Yesterday we introduced you to Dorothy, a Convention first-timer; today we wanted to introduce you to Chris, a small business owner here in New Hampshire, who will be attending his second Democratic Convention on Tuesday.

“The Democratic Convention is such an exciting thing to be a part of. It helps us to regroup, to reconnect and to remind ourselves about what’s at stake in November. This is by far the most important election of my life time and Convention is a great place for us to focus on what’s important, learn from one another and go back out and do all we can to win this thing.”

The Convention will play an important role in re-electing the President this year. It's a chance to remind everyone why it's important to give President Obama another four year term, and also show what it is that Democrats, up and down the ticket stand four in 2012.

“A lot has been said about the negativity that came out of the RNC last week, with lots of talk blaming the President for the problems we are facing, but with very few solutions offered about how we move this country forward. The DNC provides us the platform to offer our solutions; solutions the Republicans seemed uninterested in sharing.”

At the Democratic Convention, a diverse coalition of people unite under the banner of the Democratic Party, and there's a lot to get fired up about. You may not be a delegate but you can be a part of it by attending a Convention watch party. Check out where your nearest party is and be a part of all the action.

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