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Meet our 2011 Fall Fellow Freddie D.

2011 Fall Fellow Freddie Dy

Meet our 2011 Fall Fellow Freddie Dy. Freddie is a student at Hawaii Pacific University and eager to get started with our campaign. Here’s what he had to say about joining the campaign:

I applied to become a Fall Fellow because I wanted to get involved in the community and help with the President Obama’s 2012 campaign. I see this as an opportunity to give back to my community and help support a President that I believe will make change in this great country.

I come from a diverse community where there is a visible separation in certain locations. Some areas are well groomed and look nice while others are rundown with graffiti and broken windows. In the areas that are run down, you find involved students who have developed their own community outreach programs; whether it is with their church, school, or local recreation center. My hope is to continue to empower these students and the local community.

I am excited to work for this campaign because I believe President Obama can help us. When the election took place in 2008, I did not get involved. I wanted to watch from the sidelines. Four years later, I’m ready to get involved because I’ve seen what President Obama has done. It may be slow, but that is the process of change.

It is important to support President Obama because he is a shining example of the American dream. A lot of Americans come from immigrant family backgrounds, such as me. My parents came to America seeking a better life. President Obama has shown that people of multi-ethnic backgrounds can achieve their dreams through hard work and dedication.
If you would like to get involved this fall, sign-up for an upcoming event at Follow
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