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Meet OFA Volunteer Leslie Sheffield

More than 200 people came together at the OFA Obamacare Summit in Washington, D.C., last week to mark the progress we've made in the fight for health care reform, and to prepare for the work ahead. We shared stories from the field and discussed the best ways to make sure all Americans have the information they need to access quality, affordable health care.

Each story was a point of inspiration, like Leslie Sheffield, an OFA volunteer from Florida, who took the stage to introduce President Obama. She talked about how she volunteered in 2009 to help Obamacare become law—despite the fact that she'd just been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer.

Leslie Sheffield, on stage at the OFA Obamacare Summit.

Today, she's doubling down. Leslie couldn't sit back and let people try to dismiss a law that would benefit millions. She's volunteering at Obamacare events in her community, and she's learned that one of the best ways to get the word out is to sit down with people, one-on-one.

Leslie has met with people in their homes and accompanied them to community clinics. And she's continuing those one-on-one conversations, helping the uninsured get the information they need about what their options are in the new marketplace.

Leslie made one point that really hit home: Volunteers have carried this movement from the start, and that's not changing. Join Team Obamacare to keep the fight going.

Join Team Obamacare
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