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Meet Minnesota's Newest Digital Core Team Member

Barack Squad

One of Minnesota's newest Organizing for America neighborhood teams is expanding fast. The "Barack Squad" is working to organize much of Senate District 60, which includes a large chunk of U of M students. In less than a month, they've gone from a group of three to dozens of active volunteers.

Getting students to vote and engaged as volunteers is a crucial job. The team, mostly made up of students, has volunteer core team members able to run phone banks and plan door knocks. But in a student heavy part of town, it's also important for them to use digital tools to get out the word about the campaign.

Luckily for the Barack Squad, Amber joined the team.

After showing up at a house party a few weeks ago, Amber immediately took a leadership role. According to team leader Abdel-Kater, Amber "always brings great ideas. She's consistent and organized. She's passionate about getting young people registered and to the polls on Election Day."

To do this, Amber is using Facebook and Twitter to help connect with the community. She's also leading the team's Dashboard presence so that all the team members can connect and organize even if they can't get to the field office.

After a few weeks as a potential digital team member, Abdel-Kater and the team are officially confirming Amber for the position.

The team, and the entire Obama campaign, is lucky to have her. Meet your team by joining Dashboard today.

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