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Meet a Summer Organizer: Tityana

Tityana from Petersburg

Tityana P. is our newest 2011 summer organizer. When a friend invited her to the statewide training a few weeks ago, Tityana jumped at the opportunity. Even though she came to the training straight from a double shift at work, Tityana leaned in, made great contributions, and left with the confidence that she could make a difference in her own neighborhood. When she sat down with an organizer a few days later for a one-on-one, she talked about how excited she was to get begin organizing with the Obama campaign because “ I always knew that I could be a leader in my community but did not know how to get started. Organizing with the Obama campaign is my chance to become the leader that I know I can be.”

Tityana has started organizing in her native Petersburg, and like so many other volunteers, is finding the time in a busy schedule to make a difference. Tityana goes to school full-time and works night shift in a group home for mentally disabled adults. After work? She organizes. Through it all, we are constantly amazed by her positive attitude and her eagerness to learn the fundamentals of community organizing. In between calls at a recent phone bank, a team member asked Tityana if she liked organizing so far. Tityana replied “No - I don’t like it, I love it!”

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