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Meet a Primary House Party Host: Mona DeQuis


Pontiac/Waterford Neighborhood Team Leader and Detroit Symphony Orchestra employee Mona DeQuis is passionate about recruiting other members of her community to organize around the accomplishments and re-election of President Obama. She’s expecting fourteen people for her primary house meeting, which she’s hosting in her living room tonight.

“I’m expecting some new people – at my State of the Union watch party, we had four people who found out about the event online! This meeting will be the perfect opportunity to talk about our goals, solidify team roles and get a temperature check on the issues people are talking most about in the community.”

Like much of Southeastern Michigan, the auto industry is a big topic of conversation in the community and one that Mona expects attendees will be fired up about.

“I’m hoping topics like these will keep new volunteers engaged – and just like any other event or 1-on-1 conversation, I’ll ask new volunteers to sign up for an upcoming phone bank or canvass.”

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with other people like you in your neighborhood at a party like Mona’s – RSVP for a house party and get to know other supporters tonight.

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