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Meet a Michigander: Tom K.

Tom is a Neighborhood Team Leader in Barry County and is organizing for President Obama because he has the back of people like him.

“My father died when I was young and we have six children in our family. With a little bit of support from social security, my mother was able to go back to school, become a teacher and send her kids to college. I believe as a society we need to watch after even the weakest of our members, and I think Obama shares those same values.”

Tom got started making phone calls to other supporters in the Kalamazoo field office this past November, and has been with the campaign ever since. He's energized by the enthusiasm of local supporters and empowering them to become volunteer leaders.

“Everyone who volunteers for the campaign wants to share how they feel about the President through personal stories. It’s great to work with a likeminded group of people. When you’re a part of the campaign, you have to turn your enthusiasm outwards to reach other folks. You have a unique ability to put your words into action and use your enthusiasm and knowledge of issues to help members of your community choose President Obama.”

Join Tom and put your words into action—sign up to volunteer today.

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