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Meet a Michigander: Mark

I’ve been very successful in the business world. But I’ve never forgotten my roots — and the help I had getting where I am today.

My parents divorced when I was five years old, and my father wasn’t paying child support. Social programs like food stamps made a big difference for my mother and I. There was also a free lunch program at school. I still have vivid memories of really looking forward to that lunch, because I was so hungry some days.

My mother worked hard and saved enough money to send me to college. After graduating, I started an internet security company in 1992. I sold it in 1999 for an amount of money that meant I’d never have to work again.

I was paying a tax rate around 35 percent on my business at the time. It was successful people like me contributing to the overall economic strength of the country that created an environment where a business like mine could thrive.

One of the reasons I’m volunteering to re-elect President Obama is because I believe that everyone should pay their fair share — including the wealthy.

My wife and I created a foundation and one of the most important causes it supports is helping people get back into the workforce. I think helping others is what makes America strong, and I want to give others the chance to achieve what I have.

You can help make that vision a reality, too. I'm committing to vote for President Obama on Election Day. Join me today.

Commit to vote for President Obama

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