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Meet a Michigander: Marika

Marika, a summer organizing fellow in the Grand Rapids office, decided to get involved this year because the President’s student loan reform helped her get to college.

“I would not be a student without President Obama! Obama doubled the amount of Pell Grants offered to college students – making higher education affordable for millions. Coming from a single parent home, Pell Grants pay for about half my tuition.”

Marika is a student at Aquinas College, majoring in Political Science and International Studies. She’s learned a lot about organizing her neighbors around the accomplishments of the President this summer, and is interested in taking the neighborhood team model to campus this fall.

“Organizing is all about meeting people where they’re at. The campus team model is structured to fit a student lifestyle. We need to canvass, phone bank and register voters at different times that we might in a traditional neighborhood.”

Marika will use the President’s core accomplishments when it comes to student loan reform and health care to motivate other students.

“The more volunteers we have working, the more peers we can reach to spread the President's message. Fellow students are more likely to relate to their peers that share their experiences.”

If you want to engage potential voters on your campus this fall, get to the Campus Leaders Summit in East Lansing this Friday.

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