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Meet a Michigander: Hassan

Every Monday, our "Meet a Michigander" series will feature the staff members, organizing fellows and volunteers that power our organization on the ground in Michigan.

Hassan, born and raised in Dearborn, wasn’t interested in politics until a volunteer for President Obama’s campaign in 2008 told him that one of the then-candidate’s top priorities was to keep college affordable. Student loan reform and Federal Pell Grants weren’t just a possibility for Hassan – they were a reality.

I now know that I only have to pay up to 10% of my disposable income towards loans. I can definitely budget that into my year. He also gave me more money in Federal Pell grants… who doesn’t need that now? These little things go a long way.

This issue inspired Hassan to volunteer for the campaign in 2008 and change his major to political science. He’s now working as a Field Organizer in the Dearborn office.

My favorite part of working with the campaign is seeing volunteers who are not getting paid putting in so many hours. When we’re passionate about something, we can do anything. It amazes me how passionate people are about The President.

Are you passionate about student loan reform like Hassan? Excited about keeping health care affordable? Get connected with your neighborhood team to volunteer today.

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