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Meet a Michigander: Harry

Harry has done the math. For this mathematician, GM retiree and Vietnam veteran, the numbers tell the story of why he stands with Barack Obama.

“If GM had gone through a traditional bankruptcy, I would have lost $12,700 a year from my pension.”

Then there's the Affordable Care Act.

“What impacts my wife and me the most is closing the donut hole. She has insulin-dependent diabetes and we used to go through the donut hole. Last year, we saved $2,100.”

As for Barack Obama’s position on taxes? Harry thinks it make a lot more sense than Mitt Romney’s.

“Romney is wealthy and wants to avoid as much tax as possible, but his rationale is misguided. My father was a plumber and he told me everything I need to know about ‘trickle down.’ Trickle down economics doesn’t work.”

Harry volunteered for the Obama campaign in 2008 and he’s doing it again now. So far this year he’s knocked on hundreds of doors and registered dozens of voters.

Put in some volunteer hours of your own. They all add up.


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