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Meet a Michigander: Dominica C.

Dominica, a summer organizing fellow and the Neighborhood Team Leader for Livonia was inspired to join the campaign because she knows she can count on President Obama to support her as a woman and as a student.

"I support President Obama because he supports me. I am proud to say that I have a President who is constantly advocating for women's rights and ways to help college students afford higher education – thanks to the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the Affordable Care Act and increased funding for Pell Grants."

Dominica is responsible for organizing her community in Livonia by planning for phone banks and canvassing events. Her favorite part of volunteering is meeting different individuals and listening to their personal stories.

"If you do not participate in the political process and vote, there is no reason to believe that your interests will ever be reflected through policies in our government. It is extremely important to find out what you believe in and to stand up and fight for those beliefs; this is the thought that keeps me motivated each and every day to work hard to re-elect President Obama. You cannot sit back and wait for other people to fight for your beliefs for you."

Join Dominica and fight for your beliefs—sign up to volunteer today.

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