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Meet a Michigander: Dani

Dani earns his living as a physical therapy aide, but his first passion has always been painting — a talent he used to express his admiration for Barack Obama.

“His picture at the center shows President Obama looking forward. He has a big vision. Around his picture I used lighter tones to show that he’s like the light of a brighter future.”

The painting’s background represents the many challenges President Obama has faced since taking office. It also reflects the work he’s doing to address issues like unemployment, education reform and health care access.

Dani came to Michigan after a challenging journey from Albania. He and his wife, who live in Royal Oak, have been American citizens since 2004.

“We’re proud to be Americans. This land has given us the opportunity to have a better life, to pursue our goals and to give our son the chance to study, work and live here.”

A self-described member of the middle class, Dani is impressed that President Obama comes from the same background and has spent his life serving his community.

“Barack Obama is the President at the worst time any American would want to become President, but he’s got the potential to unite the people. He’s fighting so hard with a big heart. He keeps taking our country forward, step by step.”

Express yourself: Commit to vote for President Barack Obama today.

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