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Meet a Michigander: Candace

Candace’s grandmother is very persistent. A dedicated volunteer, she told her granddaughter about the campaign’s Summer Organizing Fellows program, encouraging her to get involved. Not long after she completed the form and interview, she was accepted into the program.

Candace didn’t need much persuasion. As a political science major at Central Michigan University, she has been interested in working with the campaign ever since President Obama announced his candidacy in 2008.

“Obama looked at young people, who’ve been written off in the past because they don’t vote, and he said the reason you don’t vote is because nobody talks to you, nobody is concerned about you. Obama got young people to vote by standing for the issues that affect them. Even teenagers who couldn’t vote yet started having conversations about those issues.”

Candace loves canvassing and cares about everyone she speaks to. Whenever she’s out knocking on doors, she makes sure to talk to anyone outside and not just the people on her list.

“What we lack in funding we make up with our boots on the ground. The President can’t go to every neighborhood and knock on people’s doors. You have to be that representative in your community. This will be the last time we’re able to elect President Barack Obama. Wouldn’t you like to look back and say ‘I was a part of the reason that happened?’”

Join Candace—apply for a fall organizing fellowship today.

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