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Meet a Michigan Fellow: Jacob Keller


This month, we’ll be featuring amazing current or former fellows who shared stories of their experience with us – and why you should consider applying for a Summer Organizing Fellowship here in Michigan.

From the start I knew this campaign was never simply about what one person can do; it was about what we can do as a movement. As a spring fellow in Northern Kent County, I've worked to organize my community to give President Obama the support he needs for a second term. In short, it’s empowering people to turn their support for the President’s accomplishments – on the Affordable Care Act, student loan reform and many more – into action.

There is nothing more exciting than to see a neighbor or friend that you have encouraged and empowered move from a volunteer to a neighborhood team leader to an organizer making hundreds of phone calls and registering dozens of new voters. Suddenly all your effort is multiplied tenfold – it’s like a domino effect.

The best part about being a fellow is the sense of community that builds between the other fellows, organizers and volunteers. In no other job have I had as much as fun as when I am in the office making calls or planning events. It's hard work, to be sure, but it is those late nights assembling canvass packets or scrambling to find volunteers which foster those lasting bonds. When you are a part of this campaign, you never feel alone or neglected. This is a campaign that knows the value of its volunteers; and our reward will come in November.

Take the next step, and apply to organize with us this summer. If you’re in Kent County, come find out more about the program at our office opening tomorrow.

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