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Bruna: “Building Blocks to Lead Successful Lives”

Bruna helps a voter register

Bruna, a teacher in Maryland and an OFA volunteer, knows how critical it is for children to have the opportunity to have healthy food, medical care and safe housing in order to develop and learn.

“I volunteer for OFA because President Obama and the First Lady are working hard to ensure that our young people are given the building blocks to lead successful lives,” she says. “They are committed to giving future generations the tools they need to make sound, informed choices for personal and professional success.”

Bruna was an active volunteer for Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign in Virginia when she lived in VIrginia. She viewed his earlier career as a community organizer as a model for her own work organizing interfaith grassroots leaders for social justice.

This year, she was back doing volunteer work for the President in Virginia again. Because Virginia is a swing state, she knows how important his re-election is for the education of her students in Maryland, as well as those in Virginia and across the nation.

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