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Summer Organizer Spotlight: Mason K

Mason K. of Austin, Texas has been involved with politics for years.

"I successfully campaigned for officer positions in Key Club, Book Club and Theater Club in high school," he said. "In regards to this campaign, my wicked skills with poster board, markers and tape might still apply. But who knew national campaigns were so data driven?"

Since June 6, Mason has been working as a summer organizer out of the Travis county office talking to local volunteers and hosting grassroots planning sessions. He discovered the program from a post on Facebook.

"I wanted to experience firsthand how a national campaign was conducted and what methods were used to reach such a large, diverse audience," Mason said.

Over the past few weeks, Mason has liked getting to know the "vibrant mixture of people" at the Austin office.

"I have enjoyed the time I have spent in the office, and I look forward to what will happen the rest of the summer," he said. "Also, I enjoy the number of food trailers and restaurants within walking distance."

To keep up with Mason and the other progress of summer organizers across America, follow the hashtag #SumOrg2011 by clicking here.

Mason K. is in!
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