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Mark and Gretchen know empowering volunteers is the key to this grassroots campaign

Gretchen and Mark met Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick while making calls for the President in Boston on Monday. The Governor and top campaign strategist David Simas participated in a live webcast before the debate, with hundreds of viewers across the Commonwealth.

Here are Gretchen and Mark on the experience:


"My cousin Mark and I have been really enjoying volunteering for the President. It was such a treat to see Governor Patrick and hear his perspective on the President's vision of the future. Hearing about the campaign strategy from David Simas was a fantastic experience. They empowered all of the volunteers to really step up for the final stretch of the campaign—I feel so proud to be a part of Obama for America."


"It meant a lot to me that the Governor and David Simas took the time to thank the volunteers and underscore the importance of the work we're doing here. Seeing President Obama's great performance in the debate drove it all home. Now I'm even more fired up and ready to win!"

Are you? Now is the time to volunteer: Sign up today!


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