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Marching toward reform in Arizona (and beyond)

The March for Innovation that kicked off today signals the ramping up of efforts to pass comprehensive immigration reform. For OFA volunteers, it's an opportunity to take the actions they've been coordinating for months and amplify them online.
immigration rally in Tucson
In Arizona—a state that will be deeply impacted by immigration reform—volunteers have been especially active this spring. Last month, the Tucson chapter held a rally in front of the offices of Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain. At the podium, local attorney Vince Rabago summed it up: "We must resolve the system in a fair, human, and responsible way."

Meanwhile in Phoenix, 39 supporters came together with handmade signs at Indian Steele Park to hear from speakers like Arizona Rep. Ruben Gallego, Arizona Employers for Immigration Reform, and Promise Arizona. Rep. Gallego encouraged Senators McCain and Flake, two of the members of the "Gang of Eight" who helped write the immigration bill, to make reform a reality.
Go digital with your action today—tweet your senators and help seize this moment during the March for Innovation.
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