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March Day of Action

3-3 PB group

President Obama's supporters in El Paso are buzzing with excitement as our volunteer base continues to grow. On Saturday March 3rd, we hosted over 60 events across Texas, making over 11,000 calls to build support for the President. In East El Paso, fourteen volunteers gathered in the storage area behind a local wireless store and made over 500 calls to recruit volunteers in Texas and Florida.

3-3 Dalilah Lilia

Dalilah A., El Paso’s first Organizing Fellow, is one of the volunteers working hard to organize President Obama's supporters in her community. Dalilah’s work as an Organizing Fellow has given her a deep sense of accomplishment and pride, “I want people to know that our movement is alive and well across Texas and getting stronger everyday in El Paso.” Others in the group shared the same enthusiasm, including Lupe P., a seventeen-year-old who will not be old enough to vote in November, but still wants to make a difference in this election cycle.

“Even if we just get one more person to vote, our work today will be a success,” Dalilah added, “It only takes one neighbor, one person, one conversation at a time to build a movement.” She is IN, are you IN?

Click the link to find out how to become an Organizing Fellow in your city. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook at 'Obama for America -Texas' and @OFA_TX on Twitter.

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